发布时间:2020-12-11 10:10


Our Chinese nation since ancient times there is the traditional virtue of the

tree "love tree"; The afforestation can reduce the air pollution, beautify the

environment, purify air, safeguard people's physical and mental health;

Afforestation can reduce the noise, the protection of the ecological balance,

provide the ideal for people study, work, entertainment and life; Forests have

loyal friends of human beings.

But you know? Amount of deforestation in China is the world's first; Long-term

deforestation destroyed trees, and the resulting soil erosion, flood disaster,

every year to the state and the people's cause huge economic losses.

Again from our side to have a look, popular people use wood furniture, trees

into people's family. In the hotel, disposable chopsticks, one-time toothpicks,

we see; In spring everything begins to grow this is, to some of our classmates

in the trample on flowers and plants, the school in the lawn, not found with

deep footprints; In some places have also go into bare trail. Protect forest

resources, take good care of our environment, in fact is so near to us.

The classmates! We are masters of the 21st century, afforestation, environmental

protection, greening the motherland let us start from oneself, starts from now.

I firmly believe that as long as everyone sacrificed a little love, our campus

will be more beautiful, our city will be more beautiful! Our country also will

be more bright tomorrow!





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